Adventure of the Week: Backpacking the Pfiffner Traverse

Mountain Hub’s Weekly Adventure Track Update

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We’ll be highlighting our favorite adventure tracks on a weekly basis, and we’d love to feature your trip with the Mountain Hub community. For a shot at a feature, simply activate Adventure Tracking on your Mountain Hub app, start off on your next unique or interesting outdoor objective, and answer a few questions about your adventure here!

Our first highlight belongs to Brad Steele who heads up the website This awesome site is home to the largest backcountry skiing community in Canada. They encourage safe travel through the mountains, promote a healthy appreciation for Mother Nature, and provide a heap of route descriptions, trip reports, gear reviews, photos, and videos.

Brad has over 10 years of search and rescue experience and an unwavering desire to keep people safe. He lives the mission of Mountain Hub, and were thrilled to have him join our community. His latest adventure included a route in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area in the Rocky Mountains near Golden, Colorado. “We hiked a section of the Pfiffner Traverse which included Paiute Pass at nearly 12,000 feet in elevation. We spent 2 nights and 3 days in the backcountry with the purpose of enjoying the outdoors and testing some new gear from Sierra Designs,” says Brad.


And test the gear they did! Brad and his group faced an onslaught of inclement weather and had the pleasure of testing the Sierra Designs gear in *very* rigorous conditions. “My best tip for inclement weather travel in the mountains is to always have your rain gear easily accessible and avoid high elevation when storms are rolling in. You will get wet, that’s a given, so be prepared with extra clothes to change into for a comfy night at camp. Pro tip: plastic bags are always handy when you hiking boots get completely saturated.”

Brad and his group took two small side trips, you’ll notice the spurs along his Mountain Hub Adventure Track. The first spur records their decision to camp near a lake on night 2 and the second captures their trek to soak (literally) in the inspiring views of Mirror Lake on their third day of hiking. Brad was most excited to bring along a few friends who had never attempted anything quite so difficult before, and in heinous weather, no less!

Of course we had to ask Brad about his favorite backcountry skiing zone in Canada, since he’s clearly an expert. Here’s what he had to say:

“My favourite zone for backcountry skiing, has to be Rogers Pass, as you have the deepest snow and the most inspiring views. Both tree and glacier skiing is easily accessible from the highway, and the options for a day trip, a multi-day traverse, or a cozy night in a cabin abound.”


Rogers Pass

As some of our employees have sampled the goods of Rogers Pass, we have to agree!

See Brad’s full track here.

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