Announcing Free Organizations on MH!

As part of our most recent release, Mountain Hub 1.2.0, (read more here on what is new in the release), we are also announcing that all organizations can now use all features within the app free of charge.  Whether you are an outdoor brand, ski resort, guiding operation, travel company, or national park – Mountain Hub provides an ideal channel for reaching an audience of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. Why should your organization be on Mountain Hub?


Here are just some of the many benefits:

  • Keep a summary of the tracks, routes, and conditions reports from members of your organization in one place. If you choose, share this information with your community through your organization’s profile page.
  • Create authoritative content on the Mountain Hub platform. Your logo is attached to your observations, tracks, and trip reports so you receive recognition from the broader community using Mountain Hub.
  • Demonstrate industry leadership and reach a global audience of thousands of outdoor recreational enthusiasts interested in your products and services.
  • Share what you want to share.  As an organization, you can keep information private within your organization or share it among a professional community or to the public.  It’s completely up to you how you share and what content you choose to share.  Publish directly to social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to avoid the hassle of crossposting.
  • Should you choose, plug Mountain Hub directly into your website for free – it takes about 10 minutes and it will look like you build it yourself.  Set filters so anyone coming to your website only sees your observations, professional observations, certain observation types or otherwise.
  • Help your community. MH is an information network for the outdoors and with it, you have the ability to share helpful outdoor information in a meaningful way, enabling a safer and more enjoyable outdoor experience for all.


If you do not already have an MH organization account, please email us here and we’ll get you set up. Just let us know the email address(s) you would like to use to administer your account.  Also, please let us know how many users your organization requires.  Once we add you, you can invite users to join your organization by entering their email addresses.


As always, we love to hear your feedback and are constantly striving to make Mountain Hub the best information platform for the outdoor community. Please share your adventures on Mountain Hub to social media and tag #MtnHub on Instagram so we can share your story.  We love broadcasting your adventures to our community; if you’ve done something unique or intriguing and would like a feature on our blog or social media accounts, please reach out to us anytime at  See you outside!


-Mountain Hub Team
Park City, Utah