GPX Import/Export

So, you want to use Mountain Hub as a place to keep all of your tracks and adventures, but you’ve been using other apps to track lately? No problem, we’ve got your back! In just a few short steps, you can have all of your adventures added right into your profile on Mountain Hub.

To get started, use the following guidelines to learn how to import and export your .gpx files.

How to import a GPX track to Mountain Hub:

  1. Open Mountain Hub on your desktop browser.
  2. Click the yellow “Add Observation” button at the top right corner.


3. Select ‘Trip Report”


4. Click on the “Import GPX Track,” under the comments section of the “Trip Report” card.


5. After pressing the “Import GPX Track” button, your browser will be prompted to open a new file. Find and select the .gpx file from your desktop.

6. Your track will be uploaded right into the map on the left hand side of your window. From here you can give your track a name, location, and add comments! When you’re finished adding these assets click “Next” and confirm your submission. Simple as that! You can now go into your profile and view all of your tracks in one place. Go ahead and share this with your friends, brag a little about this awesome adventure you had, you deserve it!


How to export a GPX track from Mountain Hub:

  1. Open up your track from the feed, or your profile.
  2. Click the “Menu” on the top right corner of the opened card. 
  3. Click “Export GPX”
  4. That’s it! Your track should be immediately downloaded, and ready to be shared to other platforms.