Mountain Hub Just Keeps Getting Better

Download the latest version of Mountain Hub for iOS to take advantage of exciting new features.

We’ve got exciting developments for all iOS users of the Mountain Hub app. Our latest software update involves new and better ways to explore the outdoors, thanks to rich data from fellow outdoor enthusiasts like yourself. Take a moment to update your iOS app today and take advantage of these great new tools on Mountain Hub.

Global Feed
Your newly designed feed within the Mountain Hub iOS app will highlight interesting Adventure Tracks and observations from around the world. We want the community to discover adventures from fellow Mountain Hub users in every nation.













If you stumble upon an adventure you’d like to try someday, be it near or far, click the new Bookmark icon on an Adventure Card to pin the adventure to your profile so you can make big plans for the future. Save a neat hot spring, a challenging hike, or a beautiful picnic spot from the community updates posted to Mountain Hub!  


When the Bookmark Icon changes to yellow you know it’s saved!


Map List View
The Mountain Hub Map View now features a ‘List’ button at the bottom of your screen, enabling a quick visual summary of all the observations and data in your area. By clicking ‘List’ you can filter the results by many different variables to discover the content you’d like to see.


If there is only one observation or track on the map, you can tap the pin to bring up a preview!


Trip Report Details
Adventure Tracks have been redesigned to permit users to click deeper into the map layer, zoom in, and explore the track and photos in greater depth and detail. This was the most requested feature from our users across the board!



GPX Import/Export Reminder
In case you missed our last update, you can now import and export GPX files from our desktop app. To learn how, check out our last blog post for a quick tutorial.



In line for the future, we’re continuing to push for a better and better experience on Mountain Hub. We’ll be adding social features to better connect our rapidly expanding and global community. Though we’re not yet ready to reveal all, the future of Mountain Hub will encompass an app experience like you’ve never seen! We can’t wait to show you, so stay tuned…

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