Mountain Hub Partners With The Freeride World Tour

PARK CITY, Utah (Nov. 28, 2017) — Mountain Hub, a community-fueled information-sharing platform for the outdoors, announces their global partnership with the Freeride World Tour, a freeride snowboarding and skiing circuit where riders compete on the most challenging alpine faces, at the most renowned ski resorts across the world, to be crowned the best rider in the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Freeride World Tour this year on a global scale.  Mountain Hub originated out of the backcountry and big mountain skiing world, and we feel especially proud to align ourselves with such an impressive organization that pushes the limits, while always putting safety and responsibility at the forefront.”

As a part of the partnership, Freeride World Tour athletes and judges will track competition terrain in 3D at Kicking Horse in Golden, BC. Using Mountain Hub’s 3D Flyover feature and satellite GPS, athletes can generate a detailed, interactive virtual tours of their traveled path. During playback, users can rotate the view 360 degrees to examine terrain from any angle. Users can also zoom in/out, pause, adjust the speed and jump to specific points in the track, enabling athletes to share their adventures in a manner unique to Mountain Hub.  Athletes and judges will also be able to use Mountain Hub’s 3D features to evaluate and analyze line selection.

In addition to powering 3D terrain visualization for judges and athletes, Mountain Hub will enable FWT course inspectors to find up to date local condition reports that can help inform safe decision making.

Stay tuned for upcoming Freeride World Tour announcements and information.