Seven Reasons Mountain Hub is a Must Have for Guides

Mountain Hub has a strong and positive relationship with the professional guiding community, having originated out of a snow safety technology company called Avatech. Over the past three years, Mountain Hub has worked closely with over 50 mechanized guiding operations, more than 75 alpine guiding operation, and over 2000 mountain guides from all corners of the globe.  Mountain Hub is an official partner of the American Mountain Guides Association, the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and Helicat Canada, among numerous other guiding organizations.  Mountain Hub works with the best guiding companies in the world to help them become safer, smarter and empowered by the latest platform technology – and now year round. If you are an individual guide or work for a guiding company, here are five reasons why Mountain Hub is a must-have addition to your business.


1. Enhance safety and communication – Mountain Hub is the go-to resource for guides to digitally and geospatially document trip reports as well as mountain condition observations spanning ski touring, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, kayaking/rafting, and more. This season, Mountain Hub enables professional SWAG (Snow, Weather & Avalanche Guidelines) observations across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, & Web) and keeps information safe, secure, and private to your organization (however, information can also be shared publicly when you deem appropriate so that you can help the broader community). Because it’s easy to share, more information can be passed throughout the community to help identify patterns and improve decision making.  Mountain Hub breaks down barriers, making it easier to access critical information from other professional guides you trust.

2. Find your professional guide community, everywhere – Mountain Hub is a global platform translated in more than five languages.  Online and offline maps work everywhere in the world, even Antarctica, so you can be confident in bringing Mountain Hub with you anywhere you go.  Mountain Hub aggregates the best maps from every unique region, and maps benefit from crowdsourced information so you will always have access to the latest trip reports, observations, and trail data.

3. Save time in tour planning, tracking & following routes – The team at Mountain Hub built the original Avanet tour planning tool which has become a go-to resource for thousands of guides around the world.  This tool will remain a terrific free resource for the guiding community until a more robust and holistic planning platform is incorporated into Mountain Hub in the future.  Until then, guides can continue to plan routes on Avanet and easily import them directly into Mountain Hub where the routes can be followed from the Mountain Hub mobile app.  Mountain Hub adventure tracking is also a beneficial tool to guides who want to track routes and keep a catalog of these expeditions.  Photos taken during a trip are automatically tagged onto the track, making it easy to identify the specific details of prior outings such locations of specific cruxes, route stats (time, elevation, distance) and more.

4. Expose your business to the Mountain Hub audience – Mountain Hub works with  individual guides and operations to promote them to its rapidly growing, outdoor-focused digital audience of over 75,000 through custom content campaigns or contests. Mountain Hub can highlight you or your business authentically via its blog, email and social channels. Sharing information publicly on Mountain Hub also exposes you to Mountain Hub’s vast recreational audience that values your expertise and knowledge, a potentially authentic way to acquire new clients. Starting in 2018, Mountain Hub will provide additional benefits to Mountain Hub preferred guiding operations.  If you are interested in becoming a preferred guiding operation in 2018, please reach out here.

5. Improve the client experience – Mountain Hub is far more than just a resource to use professionally, it can be used to improve the client experience.  As one example, guides can easily track a day with a client, automatically overlaid with beautiful photos of their experience.  They can instantly share this experience with guests, who will cherish this as a unique summary and memory of their day with you.  Soon, guides will be able to share their shared experience with clients in 3D.  Take your clients experience to the next level with Mountain Hub.

6. A powerful tool for your students – As leaders in the outdoor community, guides are critical teachers of numerous disciplines spanning avalanche safety, wilderness first aid, technical climbing and more.  Mountain Hub is a powerful free resource for your students to gain experience spanning information sharing, mapping & navigation, and planning.  Sharing Mountain Hub’s Data for Good initiative with students will also help them contribute to the protection and care of the outdoor playgrounds in which we recreate, reinforcing a sense of environmental stewardship, respect for the outdoors and sustainability.

7. Mountain Hub is FREE – Thanks to partnerships with some of the top brands in the outdoor industry like Black Diamond and, Mountain Hub’s professional features are 100% free to all guides around the world.  What’s not to like about free?


See below just a few of the guiding organizations we have worked with:


To learn more and set up your guiding operation on Mountain Hub, please get in touch with us directly at and let us know what we can do for you.