NASA Citizen Scientist Project

NASA Community Snow Observation Project

Would like your help as a citizen scientist to measure and collect snow depth data. Using an avalanche probe and the Mountain Hub app you can help researchers improve their understanding of snow distribution.

Contribute as a Citizen Scientist on Mountain Hub

  1. Download Mountain Hub App
  2. Use your avalanche probe to measure snow depth
  3. Record your measurement as a “Snow Conditions” observation on Mountain Hub

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Remote sensing and computer models are useful but have limitations. The accuracy of these models increase when validated with physical snow measurements. The power of community science allows researchers to cover more ground and collect crowd sourced measurements through the Mountain Hub app.

To learn more about the NASA Community Snow Observation program and how to use Mountain Hub to submit your snow depth measurements

"The goal of the NASA Community Snow Observations (CSO) project is to achieve a better understanding of snow depth variability and the patterns of change over time in mountainous regions. We recognize that we cannot do this as a small scientific team, so we aim to recruit a population of community snow observers (Citizen Scientists) to help us make many more snowpack measurements than any one person or scientific team could accomplish." Dr. Gabe Wolken

We interviewed DR. Gabe Wolken of the Climate and Cryosphere Hazards Program of the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys in Alaska.

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