Route Planning On Mountain Hub

Have a question? Here’s an answer. Today’s lesson highlights what you need to know about route planning on Mountain Hub.

  1. Professional route planning (includes Munter rates and detailed time calculations) remains available for free on our sister platform, Avanet.
  2. Mountain Hub does not have a comparable route planning tool to Avanet yet, but there are tools on Mountain Hub that will assist in route planning, such as:
  • 3D Flyovers: Viewing adventure tracks in 3D can provide valuable information on where you intend to go and what type of terrain you may encounter.
  • Waypoints: Plot out waypoints on Mountain Hub web by dropping points of interest breadcrumbs along a route you intend to travel.  You can name the points, keep them private, or share them publicly. Once in the field, you will be able to see your location in relation to those points so you can follow the waypoints you have charted out.
  • Route Following: Access local routes or routes you’ve imported into Mountain Hub and follow them easily. You can either fix the map and use the ‘flashlight’ to follow along a route or enable the map to move and reflect the direction you are facing.

We understand the importance and value of route planning tools at Mountain Hub and the value they have for our community.  We are working hard to continue to improve our platform and always appreciate your feedback.  Please feel free to share your suggestions and we’ll always do our best to incorporate what we can.