Sharing Snowpits on Mountain Hub

Mountain Hub enables users to share snowpit data from any snowpit creation program.  While our team originally built the free Avanet Snowpit Editor tool (which is used across 30 countries), we realized that some snow professionals have strong preferences about which snowpit creation program they use. Whether your preferred program is Avanet Snowpit Editor, Snowpilot, SnowPro or others, you can still use Mountain Hub to share your snowpits with the broader community.

How To Share A Snowpit On Mountain Hub

To share snowpit on Mountain Hub, export a JPEG of your snowpit from your favorite program (such as Avanet Snowpit Editor, Snowpilot, SnowPro) and upload it as a “Snowpack Test” observation on Mountain Hub.

In a hurry? You can also enter a snowpack test observation through the Mountain Hub mobile or web app.  You can enter results for CTs, ECTs, PSTs, STEs, and more. Snowpack tests are also professional SWAG compliant, which enables you to share your test results, photos, and other important contextual information about your results. Because Mountain Hub includes the SWAG definitions within the observation sharing workflow itself, snowpack Tests on Mountain Hub are great for educating students.

Thanks for sharing your snowpits and test results on Mountain Hub.  In doing so, you can help your fellow professionals and recreational backcountry travelers get the best information to inform safe decision making every day.


Snowpit in Spain by Montse B.