Six Reasons Mountain Hub Is Great For Your Campus

Finding your way through college can be a nerve-wrecking experience for students, which is why Mountain Hub was designed to help users learn more about their natural surroundings, share outdoor information. and build a safer, more engaged outdoor community. If you are a university, here are five reasons why Mountain Hub is a must-have addition to your campus.


1. Increase a sense of outdoor community
See a 15 mile backpack trip you’re interested in? Have questions about a trail run near campus? Or just feel the need to give your classmate a thumbs-up? Mountain Hub unites users by providing social sharing features and the ability engage in each other’s posts by giving a like or comment, or engage in conversation to learn more about a trip. With the click of a button, users can also share adventures to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and text. Report home with a quick text to Dad showing off your adventure track or find a new hiking partner by seeing who share’s the same interests on campus.

2. Introduce students to the power of information sharing – Mountain Hub is the go to resource to digitally and geospatially document trip reports and mountain condition observations spanning ski touring, hiking, rock climbing, biking, kayaking/rafting, and more.  Because it’s easy and fun, students actually will share with one another and the broader community. Mountain Hub aims to break down barriers in information sharing, so students can see information that has been shared by other students in their class or other students around the world.  They can also learn from thorough professional documentation of observations shared publicly by guides, ski patrol, search and rescue crews, and national park rangers.

3. Get students excited about learning – Technology is revolutionizing the way that students learn, and the outdoors is no different. Mountain Hub is designed to be easy, fast, and fun – combining technical mapping and navigation tools with rich social features that enable students and instructors to communicate with one another, share valuable learnings from the field, and use technology as a teaching tool.

4. Create a sense of outdoor stewardship Sharing Mountain Hub’s Data for Good initiative with students will help them contribute to the protection and care of the outdoor playgrounds in which we recreate, reinforcing a sense of environmental stewardship, respect for the outdoors and sustainability.

5.Mountain Hub is FUN – In addition to being a forum to share photos, adventure tracks, outdoor observations and build an outdoor community, Mountain Hub replays any adventure track in a 3D-Flyover.

6. Mountain Hub is FREE – Thanks to partnerships with some of the top brands in the outdoor industry like Black Diamond and, Mountain Hub’s professional features are 100% free to all guides around the world.  What’s not to like about free?