Five Reasons Mountain Hub is a Must have Platform for Your Resort

Mountain Hub’s roots run deep in the snow and avalanche world, having originated out of an avalanche safety technology company called Avatech. Over the past three years, Mountain Hub has worked closely with over 85 resorts across four continents and they’re just getting started.  Mountain Hub works with the best ski areas in the world to help them become safer, smarter and empowered by the latest platform technology – and now year round. If you are a ski resort, here are five reasons why Mountain Hub is a must-have addition to your business.


1. Enhance snow safety – It all started with snow safety. Mountain Hub is the go to resource for snow safety teams to digitally and geospatially document avalanche observations, snowpack tests, snowpits, weather, and more.  This season, Mountain Hub enables professional SWAG (Snow, Weather & Avalanche Guidelines) observations across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, & Web) and keeps information safe, secure, and private to your organization. It can also be accessed from anywhere, so your team can know what’s going on even before they get to the hill.  Poor documentation practices expose ski areas to unnecessary liability risk, thus having an application such as Mountain Hub will improve documentation practices and makes them more consistent, an essential component of demonstrating diligence. Mountain Hub also saves data entry time by up to 50% (or 75 hours) over the course of a season for a snow safety team. Further, with Mountain Hub, snow safety teams can quickly and efficiently search data over time and space, identifying trends that inform current decisions. Finally, snow safety teams benefit from the observations of other resort and snow safety professionals with whom they share information. There is wisdom in the crowd of professionals.

2. Monitor and reduce incidents – On Mountain Hub, Ski and Bike patrol can report incidents on the resort geospatially and by severity creating a heat map where the most critical issues take place. This information helps resorts identify patterns that could potentially lessen accidents in the future, ultimately reducing costs and liability.

3. Expose your resort to the Mountain Hub audience – Mountain Hub works with resort marketing teams to highlight the unique aspects of your resort to its rapidly growing, outdoor-focused digital audience of over 75,000. Mountain Hub can highlight your resort authentically via its blog, email and social channels through custom content campaigns or contests. Starting in 2018, Mountain Hub will provide additional benefits to Mountain Hub preferred mountain resorts.  If you are interested in becoming a preferred Mountain Hub resort partner in 2018, please reach out here.

4. Improve the guest experience – Resorts use Mountain Hub to improve their guest experience.  Resort staff can track their favorite runs or bike rides on the mountain, automatically overlaid with beautiful photos of their experience.  They can instantly share this experience with guests, who can go experience the best runs for themselves.

5. Mountain Hub is FREE – Thanks to partnerships with some of the top brands in the outdoor industry like Black Diamond and, Mountain Hub’s professional features are 100% free for resorts around the world.  What’s not to like about free?


See below just a few of the resorts we have worked with:


To learn more and set up your ski resort on Mountain Hub, please get in touch with us directly at and let us know what we can do for you.