How to Use Free Offline Maps On Mountain Hub

Did you just say free and unlimited offline maps on Mountain Hub? Yep, that’s right, we did!  We believe using maps off-the-grid should be as free as the experience itself. Stop paying for digital offline maps and paper maps today because MH is giving you this knowledge for free!

Mountain Hub provides access to over 18 terrain, aerial, and topo maps from around the world. Our app automatically detects which maps are suitable based on your GPS location, eliminating the need for you to identify the correct map. You can access these maps on iOS, Android, and the internet. Our favorite maps are the Mapbox maps because they integrate directly with Open Street Map and are consistently updated by the community; we love this. Everyone has their favorite maps, we know you will find yours on Mountain Hub.

To get started, use the following guidelines to access offline maps for your next off-the-grid adventure.


Mountain Hub Map Toolbox

1. Open the Mountain Hub App on your mobile phone and click the Pin button on the left of the bottom menu bar.  This will take you to our map toolbox.

2. From the map page, press the three vertical dot button in the top right, then select “Offline Maps”.

3. Now zoom in on the area that you want to download for offline use. Mountain Hub downloads all zoom levels for the area selected. If you are zoomed too far out, the app will navigate to the largest area it can save. Press “Save” once you have selected the area you wish to download. You can then save additional terrain if the area isn’t big enough for what you need.


4. Next, select which baselayers you want to download. All available baselayers in your area will be displayed. You can also download terrain data which will enable you to use terrain visualization features offline. Press ‘Download’ when you are ready.


5. After pressing download, you can monitor the download progress via the progress tracking bar. We strongly recommend downloading maps on a wifi network for the best performance.


6. When the download is complete, all the layers you downloaded for the area and all zoom levels will be available offline, whether you are in airplane mode or have no service.


Enough reading! Go download your first offline map and happy adventuring!

-Team MH