Mountain Hub 1.2.0 is LIVE!

Mountain Hub launches into summer with substantial iPhone & Web update

We’re excited to release new features to Mountain Hub! For the past three months, our team has been diligently working to perfect tools and features to make Mountain Hub even better. First, we’ve made Mountain Hub totally free for ALL users – that’s right, you can download unlimited map layers and terrain visualizations for free. Next, we built an adventure tracking and sharing tool. With Mountain Hub you can record any outdoor activity, take photos along the way, and easily share a summary of your trip with your best photos overlaid on the track. This is a great way to visualize your outdoor explorations. Finally, we’ve crafted a slick user profile to compile all your adventures in one hub. At Mountain Hub our mission is to connect the outdoor community. Join us in building a revolutionary, collaborative community of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.

Download the app below.


Adventure Tracking (iOS & Web)

Mountain Hub Adventure Tracking is built specifically for recording and sharing outdoor adventure.  Unlike competitive fitness apps, hiking up a trail, climbing a multi-pitch route or floating a river usually isn’t a race – at least we don’t think so.  We’ve designed Mountain Hub Adventure Tracking to automatically overlay your photos along your route and create a beautiful adventure journal of your experience.  It’s about sharing your story, not hammering your competition.  We designed Mountain Hub Adventure Tracking so that anyone, from the casual hiker to the elite Mountain Guide, can benefit.  It is a great way to not only record your adventure, but to break it down visually for friends and colleagues.  A guiding operation for example, can save routes to help show clients what they can expect on the expedition ahead, or share a beautiful summary the group can cherish for the future.  Our tracking system is also designed to help extract meaningful information from the community.  Depending on your activity, at the end of a track or trip report, we’ll ask you: ‘How was the snow?’ ‘How are the trails?’ ‘How was the climb?’ etc. so you can add helpful information to benefit adventurers like you. Each photo can be captioned, to enrich the details of your journey.  And of course, all of this can be shared right to Facebook and Twitter as a trip report. You can also email your tracks, trip reports, and observations, or copy the link in the browser to share directly with a friend or colleague.



Everything is free! Including unlimited offline maps (iOS, Android & Web)

All the tools and offline mapping capabilities within the Mountain Hub app are now free to all users! Let your friends know, because you shouldn’t have to pay for map downloads to plan your next adventure.  We were frustrated by the fact that many platforms charge users a lot of money just to use maps in the backcountry.  We don’t think it should be that way.  On Mountain Hub, we don’t want you to encounter any barriers to your next adventure, even Organizations on Mountain Hub are now Free! Read more here, about why we decided to make Organizations free on Mountain Hub!


User profiles (iOS & Web)

Whether you are an individual or an organization, view all of your information in one place on your Mountain Hub profile.  We want to make it easier than ever to keep track of your adventures as well as discover new ones and get inspired by our community.  Check out an example of an individual profile here and an organization profile here.  We are in the early stages of developing profiles, so look forward to exciting developments in the coming months.  Soon you will be able to add links to social, your website, and more.



Check out what some of our early users have been doing:

Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest
Hiking in Utah
Climbing the Grand Teton Twice in a Day (Jackson Hole, WY)
Mountain Biking in Crested Butte, MT
Floating a River in Idaho
Backpacking in Switzerland 

As always, we love to hear your feedback and are constantly striving to make Mountain Hub the best information platform for the outdoor community. We love sharing your adventures with the community, so if you’ve got a story to tell on our blog or social accounts, please reach out to us anytime at  See you outside!

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-Team MH