Adventure of the Week: Winter Down South with Davenport & Friends

As the lazy days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere begin to grow shorter, the time is prime for skiers, snowboarders, and winter lovers to flock down to South America in droves for a little warm up to winter.

Mountain Hub Ambassadors, Chris Davenport and Angel Collinson have both headed south to colder pastures, taking the Mountain Hub app along for the ride.  

Davenport reports lower than normal snowfall totals in the Andes: “This season has been low-tide in the central Andes, so while we have had some great skiing the snowpack is at about 50% of normal.” This has made conditions somewhat challenging for his Superstars Camp at Portillo Ski Resort in the Valparaíso Region of Chile.

 (Image from Chris Davenport’s Adventure Track)

Davenport has spent the last couple weeks in Chile working with guests on all-mountain skiing skills, mechanics, terrain recognition, risk management, and snow sense. “Generally we are trying to develop more mindful skiers with focus on developing a solid skill set for big mountain skiing,” Davenport explains.

What keeps Dav coming back to Chile every year? “Portillo is far and away my favorite resort in the Andes. It has such a great combination of terrain, snow, lodging options, and activities. It’s very unique; almost a throwback to how skiing once was.” To see Dav’s latest adventures in Portillo, check out his recent Adventure Tracks on the Mountain Hub app!

Booting up the approach to legendary Super C couloir  (Image Source: Brennan Lagasse)


Once the adventures on the mountain wrap up, we were curious to see how Dav prefers to celebrate a great day on snow. His recommendation: “Apres ski at the legendary Tio Bobs restaurant on the mountain is almost impossible to beat. Enjoy world-class views over the lake of the Inca and the surrounding mountains.”

(Image Source:

If you pull up the Mountain Hub mobile or desktop app, you’ll see there’s lots of action happening down in South America. Skier, Angel Collinson found conditions to be firm, but rippable. Check out Angel’s heli-ski adventure along the peaks of Portillo. The results from Adventure Tracking for skiers are really neat; Angel covered over 100 miles and skied 20K of vert in just 4.5 hours!

(Image Source: Angel Collinson)

Meanwhile, Mountain Hub Community Advocates and friends, Sam Coffey & Brennan Lagasse, Founder of State of the Backcountry, found that conditions were prime to attempt the legendary Super C Couloir. Despite the thin snowpack, Sam, Brennan and their companions found excellent skiing in the couloir and provided great insight into the current conditions with their trip reports (see Sam’s TR + Brennan’s TR) uploaded to Mountain Hub.

(Image Source: Sam Coffey)

All these shots of snow, couloirs, and ski tracks gets us excited for winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. We’ll be keeping an eye on Angel, Dav, Brennan and Sam to see what they get up to on Mountain Hub this fall as they train for snowier days ahead!