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With the Mountain Hub app, you can join thousands of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals, local experts, and citizen scientists across the globe in a quest to share real-world data, local experience, and outdoor adventures in your backyard and beyond. Get updates about routes, locations, natural highlights, current conditions, and potential hazards from users like you. Empower your connection with the landscape with useful tools and maps.

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Anyone who enjoys the outdoors—and who has scientific curiosity, local knowledge, or simply a love of the land—will benefit from the tools and community found within the Mountain Hub app. From a windy summit to a casual stroll on a local trail, Mountain Hub will enrich and inform your experience outdoors. Available on Web, Android, and iOS.

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about the Mountain Hub community

We are passionate adventurers and scientists working together to find ways to share our experience, expand our knowledge of the natural environment, improve our science and technology, and create a safe and vibrant outdoor community.

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Snow in mountainous areas can be difficult to access—that's where you come in. The NASA-funded Community Snow Observations (CSO) project needs your snowpack depth measurements to help improve snow modeling so they can fill data gaps and create better products for you—and that's a win for everyone!

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Whether you're a recreationist or a professional, we’re a global community who believes that sharing real-time information is the cornerstone of understanding our world and keeping one another informed and safe.