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Individual Mountain Hub Pro

Have you turned your passion into a career in the outdoors? Mountain Hub has partnered with Mammut to make it easier than ever for outdoor professionals to take advantage of Mountain Hub Pro. Inquire with us about branded organizational subscriptions if your company can benefit from increased sharing architecture with organizational sharing.

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  1. Register for a Mountain Hub Account.
  2. Fill out the Mountain Hub pro application.
  3. We will notify you of your acceptance and upgrade to the Mammut enabled individual Mountain Hub Pro for Free.
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Unlimited Access

Get unlimited access to all of Mountain Hub’s latest tools and features.

Professional Recognition

Mountain Hub is committed to connecting outdoor professionals with recreationalists. Get your name out there, and the recognition you deserve.

Privacy When You Need It

Sometimes you want to keep things to yourself, and that’s okay! Premium users can control how they share, and who they share with.

An Exclusive Pro Community

Sometimes you need to communicate only with other pros. Use advanced sharing control to connect directly with your fellow professionals.

Partner with us.

Partnering with Mountain Hub gives your organization direct access to an exceptional outdoor community. We’d love to work with you.